Change your life ~ with Music.  Your music.                              

Sound Portrait, a Private Session

Suzanne is a composer who realized her gift for hearing music from people and the subsequent openings and stimulus for healing through music in the 1980s.  The music Suzanne plays for a person can support self understanding and deepened connection with your inner being -  what many call the spirit and soul - and thus becomes a doorway for revitalization and the subtle yet profound integration of the body, mind and spirit flowing harmoniously together.

When we hear the Music of subtle realms, it enables us to gain entry into silent places of non-limitation and infinite potential, to access our creative power and higher understanding, with perspectives for quantum leaping.

                                                                                                    - Suzanne

Many people experience improvement and ease of problems such as chronic pain and injury, infection, emotional trauma and wounding, feelings of stuckness, creative blocks, lethargy and depression. Sound Portrait sessions support us in igniting our deep and subtle levels of intuitive awareness, insight and creativity, for realizing more of our capacities and gifts, for increasing love in life, for healing relationships, finding work that we truly love, and boosting self esteem and confidence.

Private sessions are available In-Person, by telephone, Skype and Long-Distance / Absentee through a photo. The client can request to receive a CD of their Personal Music or MP3 that can be useful in supporting ongoing healing, centering and self-development process each time you listen.

Sound Portrait Session ~ What Happens

A full 75 - 90 minute Session is recommended for first-time clients

After a brief assessment of the reason for your visit, most people enjoy sitting comfortably or you may lie down as Suzanne plays her piano.  You are welcome to take notes, or to move your body, to draw or color, or meditate in a restful state.  The more relaxed a person allows themself to be, the more beneficial the music session is likely to be.  

Suzanne will play and record the music she hears for you on a conservatory concert grand piano.

The first piece of music Suzanne plays for you addresses the flow, pulse, texture and movement she hears and senses with your deeper, creative essence.  

Suzanne may encourage you to note your impressions during the playing of your music that you feel noteworthy through jotting them down.  You can share your impressions and Suzanne will share her impressions about your music. In many people's sessions, talking is minimal yet enough for good communication about the music and the feelings and impressions that may arise.

The second piece of music Suzanne plays takes your process further and deeper; it can be directed to a specific area of your life to encourage and facilitate movement and breakthrough.

Each piece of music addresses yet a new layer in a person's life, like a peeling of the onion.

A 75-90 minute session usually allows for 3 to 4 pieces of music whereas a One Hour session allows for 2 to 3 pieces of music.

You may opt to receive a CD of your music by mail or MP3s by email, or AIFF recordings through Drop-Box. You can choose your preferred format.

A 90 Minute Session usually provides 12 to 30 minutes of music.

A One Hour Session provides 8 to 20 minutes of music.

A Half Hour Session provides 3 to 10 minutes of music.

Sound Portrait Options:

Support during Life Transitions

Session for a Small Child

Session for a Relative or Friend, absentee

Pre-Op Surgery Healing Support

Post-Op Healing Support

CD for Baby In Utero

CD for New Baby

Couple's Session

Engagement or Pre-Wedding Celebration

Birthday Celebration

Anniversary Celebration

House Blessing

Hospice Care


I honestly believe Suzanne can tap into our 'higher selves' and play its music. There is a lot of music designed for reflection and relaxation but Personal Music is a much more advanced form, created specifically for each individual. I believe this is the future of music therapy.

Stephen Williamson

Center for Advanced Technology, U of Oregon

and Former Pres. of (IBAR)

Institute for Bio-Acoustics Research


The music opens me up to myself and to the things I need to go through. Hurts that I'd had in my life for many, many years were healed during my session.  For years I'd been trying to work on it and I had thought I was going to have to do so much to work on my emotional woundedness. I was able to recognize new strength in myself... When I listen to that music Suzanne made for me, I'm enveloped in peace and love and it brings me to a deeper sense of myself. When I'm going through stress, I listen to the piece of music that brought healing to me and allow it to overcome me.  I'm taken to an intuitive place where I'm filled with happiness and calm. Since that session, I feel nothing can hold me back because the pain from my past is gone.

Ka'Rin, College Student

BACK INJURY: 12-year injury healed

My session with Suzanne enabled me to let go of a physical trauma I had been holding in my body-mind for almost 12 years. I experienced a noticeable "letting-go" in my head and my back. I immediately associated the sensation with the old injury and sensed it leaving.  Although I've had massage relief of this tension before, it was always temporary. I KNOW this to be a permanent change -- quite different, first experience of spontaneous healing.

Wanda, Musician

DEPRESSION, ANGER: "I felt safe."

My session was a miracle. I had been dealing with prevailing anger and depression for years. I had tried conventional therapy and it did nothing for me. I was discouraged with psychotherapy and antidepressants. I knew my issues so well but could not affect any change or release. I had talked my issues into the ground.  I felt like a dog chasing my tail.

          At my music session I felt safe immediately. It is unusual for me to feel safe, especially with someone I don't know. The music took me places and showed me things. Since the session, anger and depression are no longer an issue. I've felt peaceful ever since. I feel that one session provided me with six months worth of therapy.  

Keri, College Student

MY INNER STRENGTH SKYROCKETED, "Incredibly exhilarating"

Everyone should get to experience this.  It is incredibly exhilarating.  My experience of a Personal Music session has given me a new outlook on life. As I started to relax, the music touched me and I started to cry. . . Suddenly solutions to my problems appeared. As my hope and strength broke through I was filled with a positive feeling.  My inner strength skyrocketed, surges of what I think was adrenaline caused an intense tingling sensation throughout my body.  I got in touch with a deep fear that had been controlling my life.  I became at peace with myself because I knew I would be victorious.

Stan, Engineer


Music reinvents and reinvigorates the brain.

- Daniel Levitan

During a Sound Portrait session, Suzanne puts her full focus on the client and interprets the music she hears for them.  Hearing your music interpreted aloud can be a stimulus for awakening awareness and sudden insights, providing support for your true being and potential.  Interacting with your music can ignite acceleration within your personal development process.