Life is music.  Every person and situation flows with its own rhythms, pulses, and harmonies.

When we hear the Music of Life flowing within us and around us, interpreted aloud, our subtle awareness is augmented. Vitality and self understanding can also increase.

In the work of Suzanne Grosvenor, since 1985, Personal Music supports people in being centered, grounded, more alive, vital and awakened to inner creativity, better able to access their higher potential and intuition, and to feel support, emotionally and physically.

As we get in touch with the Music of Life our personal Song can become more in tune as our natural rhythms are restored.  We become refreshed, renewed and rejuvenated,


*Grosvenor is pronounced GROVE' NUR


Sound Portrait Music Can Benefit:

• physical pain

• chronic injury

• anxiety

• depression

• grief

• feelings of stuckness and lethargy

• emotional woundedness

• emotional trauma, PTSD

• self esteem

• knowing yourself better

• fears

• addictive behavior

• couple's relationships  

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Medicinal Music

Music to Support Your Healing Journey

Music Designed for You

"WAS FEELING OUT OF TUNE, PHYSICALLY, EMOTIONALLY: No practitioner could help me. As soon as I received my music from Suzanne my outlook completely changed. My whole body came into alignment."

Juanita, Counselor

"BACK INJURY: 12-year injury spontaneously healed."                           

Wanda, Music Student

"CHRONIC EAR INFECTION: Cleared up completely during Suzanne's playing."       

Joy, PhD, Author / Psychologist

"TRAUMA HEALED: Provided me with greater strength, confidence and spiritual connection."

Bobbe, Ma, HHC, BHT, ITE, Recovery Educator

"QUANTUM LEAPED MY LIFE:  Phenomenal. I've never felt anything this powerful before."

    Christine, Writer

"DEEP FEAR: My inner strength skyrocketed. Incredibly exhilarating. I have a new outlook on life.”  

  Stan, Engineer

"DEPRESSION, ANGER: Six months worth of therapy in one session. A miracle.”

Keri, College Student

"GRIEF: I listened to the music 7 nights in a row. What happened to my body was amazing.”  

Susan, Marketing Communications Consultant

Light Shining Through is a collection of Sound Portrait piano paintings designed for centering, healing support.

The CD takes the listener on a journey through a variety of moods.


A Personal Sound Painting can be a validating, supportive acknowledgement of who you are.

• Music supports you from your inner core to stimulate insight and shifts in perspective in the direction of clarity and deeper awareness.  People report that the music supports them in becoming in touch with the source of wisdom, often confirming inner knowings. Personal Music is a support and anchor for fine tuned awareness.

• Personal Music can help to settle the noise of a frayed nervous system, relax tension of a frazzled mind, of an abused or broken heart, and encourage opening to the wavelength of love, healing and beauty, in touch with a relaxed, creative flow of deep serenity.

• Personal Music confirms and, for many, awakens intuitive awareness. Heaing your Music Portrait may awaken feelings and memories key to your healing journey and realization of your life purpose.  Your music encourages what has been inside, wanting to come out, to surface and become integrated.

• Personal Music inspires mind shifts and shifts in the atmosphere. Personal Sound Paintings can stimulate you beyond your everyday thinking, open to receive positive insights from your intuitive side, in touch with true hope and inner serenity.

• Personal Music can stimulate newfound ease in loving and accepting yourself including the often neglected aspects of yourself that can be subtle, gossamer, beautiful. . .to bring untapped resources that have been relegated to the background of your life into the foreground to allow them to flourish.

• Personal Music can connect you with your spirit and higher potential.

• All you have to do is be willing! willing to open and awaken into your true potential.

Discover how music can help you to heal your life and bring support for realizing more of your potential.  

Email to schedule an appointment. Sessions are in person in Tucson, AZ, USA, by Skype or telephone.

Music reaches such deep, archetypal

material. It should be an essential part

of every analysis.

~ Carl Jung

Musical Interventions

Magazine article by Jan Henrikson

March 2015

Music that Heals

Exploring a variety of circumstances where music became a vehicle for healing and transformation.

<Suzanne Grosvenor plays music to support good health and wholeness.

For a Sound Portrait Appointment


provides a way

out-of-the-box of our

mental-emotional patterns which, when used intentially, can help us in creating new patterns of freedom

true to the


Music engages more areas of the brain than anything else.

- Daniel Levitan

MUSIC FOR HEALTH AND WHOLENESS                                                                                                          Tucson, Arizona USA


Receive a CD of your own Personal Music in a 90-minute or half hour session. Suzanne will interpret your music and share her impressions of your music with you.


Intuitive Composer, Suzanne Grosvenor

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