Personal Therapeutic Music can be

a Support for dealing with

• physical pain

• chronic injury

• anxiety

• depression

• grief

• feelings of stuckness and lethargy

• emotional woundedness

• emotional trauma

• self esteem

• creativity

• self confidence

• knowing yourself better

• fears

• addictive behavior

• couple's relationships  

A commercial pop artist, jazz-blues improvisationist, award-winning classical pianist and soundtrack composer, Suzanne Grosvenor awoke to the power of Sound and Vibration in the early 1980s when she began noticing music she hears in association with people and all life situations.  

A synesthete musician/composer, Suzanne's 'Sound Portrait' Improvisations are known to stimulate sudden insights, awaken awareness and support the healing process of people for whom she plays in private sessions, group gatherings and concerts.

Suzanne's music has been featured in film festivals around the world, on PBS television, the Disney Channel, NPR radio, Top 40 radio charts and alternative radio, and in live theater productions. Her music is on Pandora, YouTube, iTunes Apple Music, Spotify and other streaming sites.

An avid music teacher, Suzanne teaches Music for Self Development since 1985.  Music is a natural language for self expression and students are encouraged, early in their training, to express their creativity with emphasis on hearing, feeling and relating through music, understanding music from the inside out, as well as notating and reading traditional music repertoire.


Suzanne's CD album Light Shining Through.

A collection of innovative piano improvisations designed for self-exploration and journeys of the heart. The music takes the listener through a journey of moods. Reviews.


In private sessions, Suzanne interprets the music she hears for people.

TRAUMA: "I suffered a trauma years ago and felt a deep physical imbalance in my body ever since. I tried conventional medicine and alternative therapies but no doctor could help me. As soon as I received my music from Suzanne, my whole body came into alignment and I felt strong. My outlook completely changed. I now have a balance I haven't had in years."

Juanita, Counselor

BACK INJURY: "My 12-year injury healed spontaneously during the music with Suzanne. It is my first awareness of a spontaneous healing."                           

Wanda, Music Student

"MY CHRONIC EAR INFECTION cleared up completely as Suzanne played for the group.  I was able to cancel my doctor appointment. There was no more pain. The infection did not return."        

Joy, PhD, Psychologist

TRAUMA: "We spent two hours in this transformational process which mysteriously healed trauma and provided me with greater strength, confidence and spiritual connection.The music provided a healing, positive presence in which I gained insights into being my best self."

Bobbe, Ma, HHC, BHT, ITE, Recovery Educator

QUANTUM-LEAP: "Suzanne's work with music has quantum-leaped my life. I've never felt anything this powerful before."

    Jan, Writer

DEEP FEARS: "My inner strength skyrocketed, surges of what I think was adrenaline caused an intense tingling sensation throughout my body.  I got in touch with a deep fear that had been controlling my life.  I became at peace with myself. I have a new outlook on life....Everyone should get to experience this.  It is incredibly exhilarating."  

Stan, Engineer

DEPRESSION and ANGER: "I experienced six months worth of therapy in one session. A miracle!”

Keri, College Student

GRIEF: "I listened to the music Suzanne made for me 7 nights in a row. What happened to my body was amazing...”

Susan, Marketing Communications Consultant

Music reaches such deep, archetypal

material. It should be an essential part

of every analysis.

~ Carl Jung

Music engages more areas of the brain than anything else.

- Daniel Levitan

MUSIC FOR SELF DEVELOPMENT, HEALTH AND WHOLENESS                                                                USA


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Suzanne coaches instrumentalists and vocalists in developing a creative relationship with music and in Hearing Your Own Inner Music to make way for music to come to life as a tool that ignites creativity and self awareness.

Suzanne teaches advanced and intermediate piano as well as beginning students as she recognizes the value in fostering students' natural instincts in early years of development.  Studying music encourages cultivation of emotional stability, self assurance and confidence, mental concentration, clarity, follow-through, positive self esteem and joy in life.


Celebrating 30+ years of music recordings

with a song from her first album.