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Healing Stories; Workshops & Gatherings


The first time I heard Suzanne play and I had no idea what was coming other than that she's a keyboardist, the next thing I know when she's playing is I'm bawling my eyes out and I didn't know why.  Those beginnings many years ago were just astounding.  I just couldn't understand how music played on a piano could be that moving and pull out the emotions so deeply for me.  It is very much a mystery still how something so basic, so human, so old as sound and music could be that powerful. It's a beautiful thing.

          In more traditional talk therapies, it seems we have to go into the story, we have to go into the mind and figure things out, develop some understanding, where we had a wounding or something of that nature. Those things work but the music therapy that Suzanne does, I think it just bypasses that, goes straight to the emotion, and just lets it come out and move. That's a powerful thing.  You just never know what's going to come up, come out, move, let go. If traditional methods aren't working for you and you feel you have something inside, some sadness, some pain, I really suggest getting a personal session with Suzanne. It could be a wonderful thing.

Allen Smith, Rainbow Didge Music


The healing as a result of Suzanne's presentation is unspreakably profound. Suzanne's music transports me to an inner realm of vision and knowing. I sense and discover aspects of my self yet uncovered. There is an uplifting and healing quality about her music that transcends day-to-day reality that inspired me to dive even more deeply into my spiritual path.  Suzanne's event shook the stuck-ness in my life, and helped to move me to a more authentic place.

Leslee Morrison, Teacher, Author, Intuitive Healer with Heart Mission

I GET IN TOUCH WITH THINGS ABOUT MYSELF: "It's done in such a beautiful way."

What Suzanne does is different from other musicians.  She's a very gifted artist as well as tuning into an energy wavelength that is very beneficial.  It's a very safe way for me to discover things about myself.  It's a very easy way to get in touch with stuff that I normally would not get in touch with.  I allow the music to play me.  My own healing energy comes in and does what I need specifically. I trust on that higher level, or higher power that is coming through Suzanne and her music, that whatever needs to be addressed will be addressed. It's done in such a beautiful way.  It's done with love. That's the key word.  It's done in a place that is very creative.  It's safe. I am the one that holds the key to the door. I can open or close it.

     We are all energy, electricity, sound, vibration...but to be able to reach a level of consciousness to begin to understand and recognize that and use it as a tool, that's what's amazing.  I can't really use any words that give it the credit it deserves.

Robert Cohalla, Occupational Therapist

I'M A DIFFERENT PERSON: "I feel enveloped in pure love."

My husband tells me I'm a different person since I started coming to Suzanne's gatherings. I have more love in my life and I'm feeling better than ever!  Suzanne is blessed with a gift for healing through her music. When I attend her gatherings, I feel enveloped in pure love and my life is changing because of it. I've felt strength to let go of old habit patterns. I'm moving into new, happier ways of being in my life.       

          Vicki K, Recovery Coach

MY SPIRIT AWAKENED: "Things that used to be difficult don't bother me anymore."

The first time I went to a workshop of Suzanne's it changed my life.  My spirit awakened as I recognized a deep feeling of peace in myself and I became in tune with a higher calling of my life and a higher consciousness. Suzanne's music is different from other music in the sense of opening people up and stimulating people to experience feelings.  Her music captures a different level of things.  It allows you feel and hear things that you truly need to hear rather than just listening and on a superficial level.  It compels you to go deeper and deeper into yourself. It gives me such great peace, happiness, joy, a sense of just being who I am.

          As I attended Suzanne's workshops, I felt more free to be myself and my confidence greatly increased.  Challenges that once seemed impossible became possible. Dealing with experiences from my past has become much easier.  I find a sense of courage and the struggles of life don't seem so daunting. I feel like I can get through them.  I find Suzanne's work with people amazing.  She has a strong presence of peace that inspires me and those around her. She and her husband are extraordinary people and the workshops are very special. I've come to know myself so much better.  The music supports me in a sense of reassurance about myself that I can definitely get through things.  

               Ka'Rin, College Student

SPEAKS TO MY WHOLE BEING: "A feeling of pure love."

During the music, tears were streaming down my face. The music speaks to my whole being. I feel that as Suzanne plays she brings a feeling of pure love. Her intuitive and accepting nature enabled me to identify and confirm personal issues much quicker than I suspect most formally trained therapists would have been able to do. I am deeply touched by Suzanne's devotion in providing the services she does.

Stephen, Recording Artist

CHRONIC EAR INFECTION: "Cleared up completely."

I had a recurring ear infection for six months. Suzanne suggested in the workshop that we focus on allowing something to heal as she played.  I focused on allowing my ear to heal. It felt as though the music was coming into my ear and healing it.  My ear infection completely cleared up that day and I was able to cancel my doctor appointment I had scheduled for later in the week. The infection never returned.

Joy, Psychologist & Author


This is a rich environment with gorgeous, spontaneous music to open oneself up.  A group of loving encouragers on our spiritual path, we find ourselves laughing a lot.  Suzanne and (husband) Paul are wise, very wise. Suzanne is a resource, a musician, a friend, a teacher, and ambassador for the Spirit.  The music she brings through is exquisite.

                                        Mert Ingvoldstad, Spiritual Career Counseling

The music works because you are hearing and feeling who you are. . . getting in touch with the true self and, once you feel that, aberrations and irresolutions are instantly and easily released.

Susan H.

Release and healing can come easily because the limitation we suffer is in our incapacity to see and experience the source and essence of our being. When we experience the source, our soul, we are exposed to our greatest potential.