Change your life ~ with Music.  Your music.                              

Healing Stories; Emotional

"TREMENDOUS SHIFTS: Changes in my life accelerated very fast.  I am very deeply grateful."

With just one Sound Portrait session with Suzanne, tremendous shifts happened for me and my world.  Changes in my life accelerated very fast, one leading to another. Suzanne and her music have been a pivotal point catapulting me in a new direction in my life.  I am very deeply grateful.

     When I listen to the music Suzanne created for me, I feel deeply moved, inspired and encouraged.  It brings me to states of exhilaration, joy, confidence and courage.  I found a deeper understanding on my emotions and moods and why I sometimes have felt much frustration in life.  Each time that I am feeling down or losing confidence in what I am doing I listen to my Sound Portrait and I feel recharged.  I came to realize that we all have an inner music we each need to hear and that music is a powerful healing force.  I recommend Suzanne's work to those who may be struggling emotionally on issues.  

     The session brought me closer to my goals by revealing concrete steps I can take to accomplish my life goals. I realized how I can develop myself, my heart and spiritual practice to walk the path of my dreams. My dream was strengthened as I realized how to play music more from my heart rather than simply from my own ability and mind. I found conviction in my career choice and unwavering confidence not to move away from what I have set out to accomplish.

          I have recommended Suzanne's work to family members. They also benefitted from their Sound Portraits.  I find Suzanne's work highly valuable.

Pan Liang Ho

Musician / Music Teacher, Sounds and Silence

"EMOTIONAL WOUNDS HEALED: I feel nothing can hold me back because the pain from my past is gone."

I had thought I was going to have to do so much to work on my emotional woundedness; for years I'd been trying to work on it.  In my session with Suzanne, hurts that I had had in my life for many, many years were healed. The music is so powerful, it opens me up to things I need to go through.  Suzanne played a piece of music for me at the end of my session that closed up my wound completely.  It caressed me in love and peace, reassurance and strength and I was able to recognize new strength in myself.  Now, when I listen to that music, it brings me to a deeper sense of myself.  When I'm going through stress, I listen to the music and I'm taken to an intuitive place where I'm filled with happiness and calm. Since my session, I feel nothing can hold me back because the pain from my past is gone!  

Ka'Rin, College Student

"A NURTURING PRESENCE SEEMED TO PENETRATE EVERY CELL OF MY BODY:  As soon as I received my music my outlook completely changed."

I strongly felt that sound held the key for me. I kept thinking of what my Grandmother had always said about each of us being a sound vibration in the Great Symphony of God.  I felt that my sound had gone out of tune and I wanted to experience my right tone.  The music Suzanne played for me seemed familiar at first. It became a living, loving presence surrounding my body like a loving cloak. A nurturing presence seemed to penetrate every cell of my body. On my third session, I felt I had what I needed. As soon as I received my music, my emotional outlook completely changed and I began experiencing miracles in my life. I began seeing changes in the people close to me. Suddenly, I felt I no longer needed a divorce.  The music prepared me for a numinous experience where, in an instant, something clicked in place. My whole body came into alignment in that instant and I felt strong. I had my old body back! I now have a balance I haven’t had in years. I listen to the music each night before bed and have wonderful sleep.

Juanita, Counselor

DEPRESSION, ANGER: "Six months worth of therapy in one session."

My session was a miracle. I had been dealing with prevailing anger and depression for years. I had tried conventional therapy and it did nothing for me. I was discouraged with psychotherapy and antidepressants. I knew my issues so well but could not affect any change or release. I had talked my issues into the ground.  I felt like a dog chasing my tail.

          At my music session I felt safe immediately. It is unusual for me to feel safe, especially with someone I don't know. The music took me places and showed me things. I saw my own inner beauty. Since the session, anger and depression are no longer an issue. I've felt peaceful ever since. I feel that one session provided me with six months worth of therapy.  I am encouraged to know that something works for me.

Keri, College Student

POWERFUL:  "Astounding."

The first time I heard Suzanne play and I had no idea what was coming other than that she's a keyboardist, the next thing I know when she's playing is I'm bawling my eyes out and I didn't know why.  Those beginnings many years ago were just astounding.  I just couldn't understand how music played on a piano could be that moving and pull out the emotions so deeply for me.  It is very much a mystery still how something so basic, so human, so old as sound and music could be that powerful. It's a beautiful thing.

          In more traditional talk therapies, it seems we have to go into the story, we have to go into the mind and figure things out, develop some understanding, where we had a wounding or something of that nature. Those things work but the music therapy that Suzanne does, I think it just bypasses that, goes straight to the emotion, and just lets it come out and move. That's a powerful thing.  You just never know what's going to come up, come out, move, let go. If traditional methods aren't working for you and you feel you have something inside, some sadness, some pain, I really suggest getting a personal session with Suzanne. It could be a wonderful thing.

Allen Smith, Rainbow Didge Music

QUANTUM LEAP: "Phenomenal"

I've experienced healing work with people who work with music before and it was nothing like this. There's a whole other dimension here.  What Suzanne does is extremely rare.  I've never felt anything this powerful before. It has deepened my intuition, my center, my faith, my steadiness and helped to quantum leap my life. This work is phenomenal.     

Christine Nelson, Writer

"MY INNER STRENGTH SKYROCKETED:  Incredibly exhilarating."

I have to admit I was a little skeptical of what friends and family reported you could accomplish. The experience of a Personal Music session has given me a new outlook on life. As I started to relax, the music touched me and I started to cry. . . I don’t know how long my grieving continued when suddenly solutions to my problems appeared. As my hope and strength broke through I was filled with a positive feeling.  My inner strength skyrocketed, surges of what I think was adrenaline caused an intense tingling sensation throughout my body.  

I got in touch with a deep fear that had been controlling my life.  I became at peace with myself because I knew I would be victorious this time. I feel I've become the person I've always wanted to be.  Everyone should get to experience this.  It is incredibly exhilarating.

Stan S, Engineer

INCREASES MY STABILITY: "I found a deeper sense of myself."

I was moved to tears within the first minute of Suzanne playing for me.  I was taken aback by the effect. The music was remarkable, uncanny.  It felt so familiar, it took my breath away. I found a deeper sense of myself in the session. I listen to the music for stress reduction, for a break in a busy day.  The music reinforces my sense of self worth and increases my feeling of stability.  It allows me to focus on who I am and increase what I’m doing.

Sandra, Writer / Journalist

DEPRESSION, ANXIETY:  "I felt release from my depression and anxiety."

The music session was a turning point for me. I had been carrying around a knot in my stomach.  I would wake in the night and feel depression and weight on me, in my head and shoulders. When you played for me, I felt something happening, something releasing, like the air being let out of a tire and coming back to normalcy. Since receiving my music, 75% of my depression, anxiety, emotional discomfort, as well as the knot in my stomach, are gone.

          In the past, I had gone to a psychologist when I was depressed from a similar situation when an important relative had died. I would burst into tears, talk about it and feel a little bit better but it would come back again. I would go for another session, talk again and feel a little better but it never stayed. It would come right back again. Since the music, the release and the healing have stayed.  I know now that I’m on my way to complete healing.  I find the CD of my music to be very helpful for maintaining my healing.

Jack L, Author & Holistic Health Counselor

ANGER AND STRESS: "Greater calm - More real than waking reality."

The music session was not what I'd expected.  I thought it was going to be like therapy where feelings would be brought up to be released. It felt more real than waking reality. I've never experienced anything like that kind of love. As I opened to receive the love, I felt transformed by it. I went through a huge change in response to the session.  I used to become angry and upset often but have not felt that since the session.  I respond to stress with greater calm. Anger used to be a problem but because of realizations I had during the session it's not a problem anymore. I think this was the most profound experience I've ever had.

Katharine L, Consultant


GRIEF: "I am freer to be me.  A wonderful experience, almost impossible to articulate."

The music reminds you of the exquisite and perfect design that is you.  Your body, mind and spirit feel the vibration of who you truly are. It’s a wonderful experience, almost impossible to articulate. The music works because you are hearing and feeling who you are. It’s about getting in touch with the true self and, once you feel that, aberrations and irresolutions are instantly and easily released.

          While you were playing the music it was bliss for me. I felt God so present. It was like being in a state of grace.  Such tenderness and compassion and love embraced me -- it was heaven...I listened to the music seven nights in a row. I felt my body releasing stuff; old, layered grief. What happened in my body was amazing.  I felt my stomach releasing, like the music was vibrating away and these layers were able to release.  A few times I felt a wave of vibration through my whole body, like an electrical wave of energy, transforming and upgrading me. It’s an awesome healing experience. Since my session, I have felt so much freer to be me in the world.

Susan H., Marketing Communications Consultant

DIVINELY PERSONAL: "The fast track to personal growth."

The music Suzanne composes for a person is supremely personal, Divinely personal. The music is not philosophical or hypothetical. All the music is very meaningful, because it is your music. The music accelerates my clarity of vision, my personal growth, my ability to see and know myself. The music answers questions that it would take many volumes of writing to answer. It’s beautiful yet precise in its wisdom.  It's confirming and validating.  Some therapies say ‘this is what you need to work on’ but the music gives you the encouragement. It stirs knowledge that I already have.  Ideas I was already working on are awakened. The music is awakening. It makes things clear. The music shows you that you have in you everything you need. It's the fast track to personal growth.

Floyd, Computer Science

A LOT MORE FREEDOM: "In touch with the truth and beauty of my spirit."

The music reconnected me with something in myself I'd lost touch with. I got in touch with the truth and beauty of my own spirit. I have felt a lot more freedom since the session.  Suzanne has a special gift as a life coach for assisting people in sorting out issues and seeing things in a productive way.

Sarah H, Environmental Business Consultant


I find Suzanne's music powerful and effective for boosting my creativity and self understanding.  Her work is good also for stress reduction.  I've referred a number of my clients to Suzanne, and find that her music and verbal interpretation catapult them, too, with a renewed sense of their life purpose.

Mert Ingvoldstad

Owner, M.I. Career Counseling Associates

DEEPER APPRECIATION OF MY UNIQUE GIFTS: "The effect of opening and freeing parts of me."

I was deeply impressed with the quality of the music, on its own, in addition to feeling that it touched an expressed deep inner parts of me.  It was energizing to observe and be a part of the creative process of producing the music. To hear my Self expressed through your music seemed to have an effect of opening and freeing parts of me.  

          The verbal sharing of your intuitive impressions was a welcomed bonus which reinforced my feeling that your music showed an astonishing understanding of who I am.  I have played the music recording for several friends who share my appreciation and enjoyment of the music.

          As a result of insights gained during the session I have had more contact with several family members, facilitated important communications and have drawn closer to remembering and understanding the impact of events in my life.  Also, I have felt a deeper appreciation and understanding of the nature of my unique gifts.

          I continue to listen to my Sound Portrait for relaxation, enjoyment and grounding. I have recommended your work to others, sending copies of your brochure to several people. I envision personal 'long distance' Sound Portraits for my clients as an aide for relaxing, introspection and self-understanding.                     

Steve Franklin, MSW, LCSW, Psychotherapist

A POWERFUL LEARNING EXPERIENCE: "Taught me how to let the moment unfold."

The Sound Portrait is a powerful learning experience. You learn about yourself and how incredible the moment can be, how it is ever changing. We all dance away from the moment.  Suzanne’s interpretation is a first hand experience of how powerful and how beautiful the moment is. It taught me how to allow the moment to unfold. You don’t have to practice meditating for 25 years. The music invites you in to the moment.  I kept wanting to surrender to let the music in. I’d come up to a resistance and I’d have to give up something to stay with it. It felt incredibly intimate. It was a constant invitation to go deeper and deeper.  In my relationship with my partner I wanted to let go of the resistance and I allowed my wife to pour out, just as I had learned in the music session. I learned to quit doing the dance around things. I found that I don’t have to run away, that I can allow; allow things to unfold before you react.

    Anthony, Sculptor

ARMORING FALLS AWAY:  "Release and healing come easily"

Suzanne goes right into where the truth is.  She plays how each person’s soul wants to sing. People haven’t been playing that song themselves because they couldn’t hear it themselves. Because Suzanne hears it, she plays it. The person’s body starts to resonate with it. Their armor can’t stand it. The armoring that has kept people from seeing themselves and the beauty in the world can’t stand hearing their true music and falls away. She plays a powerful part of people that they need to access to remove veils of illusion. Release and healing can come easily because the limitation we suffer is in our incapacity to see and experience the source and essence of our being. When we experience the source, our soul, we are exposed to our greatest potential. An advantage of music is that people can take their music with them for ongoing reinforcement and healing.

Floyd, Computer Science

GIVES THE SOUL AN IDENTITY:  "A vivid picture of people's souls."

Suzanne's music is very powerful.  Her sound portraits provide a vivid picture of people's souls, what seems hard to see in today's society.  She reveals that and it's truly a blessing.  Her music gives the soul an identity.

Jesse, College Student / Poet

HEALED TRAUMA: "Provided me with greater strength, confidence and spiritual connection."

Suzanne's abilities to listen, interpret my deepest needs, hear the callings of my soul, then spontaneously compose and record my own personal music portrait were amazing.  We spent two hours in this transformational process which mysteriously healed trauma and also provided me with greater strength, confidence and spiritual connection as I made important decisions throughout my day.

          Each morning after our meeting, I then listened to the music during a transitional part of my life.  Although things around me were challenging, the music provided a healing, positive presence in which I gained insights into being my best self.  No, I can't tell you exactly how it works, but it did.  Life is good.  So are Suzanne's many gifts and talents that provided meaningful healing during a dark time of my life.  I highly recommend her sound portraits and coaching as a beautiful way to transform challenges and darkness into beauty, light, peace and love.

Bobbe Taber, Ma, HHC, BHT, ITE

Recovery Educator at Recovery Innovations of Arizona

The music works because you are hearing and feeling who you are. . . getting in touch with the true self and, once you feel that, aberrations and irresolutions are instantly and

easily released.

Susan H.

Release and healing can come easily because the limitation we suffer is in our incapacity to see and experience the source and essence of our being. The armoring that has kept people from seeing themselves and the beauty in the world can’t stand hearing their true music and falls away.