Change your life ~ with Music.  Your music.                              

Healing Stories; Relationships

COUPLE:  "We learned to trust one another with our feelings."

I found I could see who I really am and it was not the emotions I walked in the door with.  I felt a warmth and trust with my fiancĂ© that allowed us to relate more deeply with one another and to share our feelings much better. We learned to trust one another with our feelings. I never felt it so easy to open up before. The only time I've felt that open was when I was with my spiritual teacher. I was amazed.

Chris, Sales

COUPLE: "I learned to hear what my partner is saying"

Sound Portrait sessions taught me how to allow the moment to unfold. The Portrait is a powerful experience. The music invites you in to the heart of the moment and gives you a road in to the heart of the moment. It is, for me, a first hand experience of how powerful and beautiful the moment is that taught me to quit doing the dance around things and just allow. What I learned in my Sound Portrait sessions enabled me to open up and really receive and hear what my partner, my wife, is saying. It has helped to deepen our relationship.

Anthony, Sculptor

COUPLE: "No longer need a divorce"

A nurturing presence seemed to penetrate every cell of my body. On my third session, I felt I had what I needed. As soon as I received my music, my emotional outlook completely changed and I began experiencing miracles in my life. I began seeing changes in the people close to me.  My relationships began improving. What had been disturbing and pressing was no longer a problem.  I feel I no longer needed a divorce.  

Juanita, Counselor

FAMILY: "Teenage son went from grumpy to delight, in an instant."

My teenaged son had been grumpy and anti-social for a week, barely speaking to us.  When you played music at our home, he sat in front of the TV with his headphones on, trying to ignore us.  Then, when you played his music, he came in from the other room, laughing and asking us, "What was that music?  I really liked that!" He went from grumpy and anti-social to delight and friendly, in an instant.  I was astounded.  I am just amazed.

Jamie, LMT, Massage Therapist


The music works because you are hearing and feeling who you are. . . getting in touch with the true self and, once you feel that, aberrations and irresolutions are instantly and easily released.

Susan H.

Release and healing can come easily because the limitation we suffer is in our incapacity to see and experience the source and essence of our being. When we experience the source, our soul, we are exposed to our greatest potential.