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Healing Stories; Physical

PHYSICAL TRAUMA: "My whole body came into alignment. I have a balance I haven't had in years."

I suffered a trauma years ago and felt a deep physical imbalance in my body ever since. I tried conventional medicine as well as alternative therapies but no doctor or practitioner could help me. I tried some work with sound which, though I paid quite a bit of money for it, didn’t seem to do anything for me. I would say to myself, ‘This can’t be all there is.'  I felt as though my “sound” had gone out of tune and I wanted to experience my right tone.  I strongly felt that sound held the key for me.

     A friend recommended that I go to Suzanne. At first, I felt that I had heard the music she played before, it was so familiar to me.  The music became a living, loving presence surrounding my body like a loving cloak. A nurturing presence seemed to penetrate every cell of my body. On my third session, I felt I had what I needed. As soon as I received my music, my emotional outlook completely changed and I began experiencing miracles in my life. The music prepared me for a numinous experience where, in an instant, something clicked in place. My whole body came into alignment in that instant and I felt strong. I had my old body back! I now have a balance I haven’t had in years. I listen to the music each night before bed and have wonderful sleep.

Juanita, Counselor


RACING HEARTBEAT: "I've never recovered so quickly before."

I was having a heart spell one day where my heart was racing at 120 beats per minte.  I was visiting a friend but feeling so bad that I could not eat. My friend put on your CD. I was sitting near to the speakers and within 5 to 10 minutes I felt perfectly normal and completely calm. I have never recovered so quickly before. I have been through this a hundred times before and never felt fine so easily and quickly. I had never heard of your music before and it blew my mind that this could happen. Your music worked effectively without my knowing what it was.  This is physiological music!  

    Linda W, Communications Specialist



I had been wanting to get pregnant for quite some time and had suffered three miscarriages over the past five years.  Though I didn't tell Suzanne about this, she wrote “Birth” on the cassette of my music, saying the music it was 'about birth.'  I am happy to say that I became pregnant within three to four days of the session. I feel that my  experience with the music opened me up and played a part in my ability to get pregnant and carry my baby to term.  I loved listening to the music throughout my pregnancy and while in labor.  When I gave birth to my daughter, it made sense why Suzanne had labeled the music as “Birth.”  

          It is an amazing thing Suzanne does. My session was a very powerful experience.  As she played, I felt the music vibrating through my whole body as though information in my body came through the music, like it really was a portrait, expressing what was going on with me.  I felt we were in a different realm of communication and beingness and it was, in a way, more truthful and real than the way we're accustomed to presenting ourselves.  I treasure the music. I feel it reflects back to me who I am.  It’s a tool I use for becoming quiet and peaceful. The session brought lasting material that has been a joyous part of my life.

Susan J, RN, Nurse

SEVERE MUSCLE SPASM: "Totally alleviated within minutes; I am amazed."

I suffered a recurring spasm in my neck for years for which I'd tried everything and it seemed nothing could help.  When I met you, I was experiencing a spasm so severely in my neck, this would normally take hours or even days to loosen. Within 4 to 5 minutes of hearing you play for me, the spasm had loosened and was totally alleviated!  It was amazing because it had been so severe, this normally could have developed into something much worse. I have spent years looking for a solution to this problem. I am amazed.

Diane, Myotherapist & Medical Tech


CHRONIC EAR INFECTION: "Cleared up completely."

I had a recurring ear infection for six months. Suzanne suggested in the workshop that we focus on allowing something to heal as she played.  I focused on allowing my ear to heal.  As she played the next piece of nysuc, it felt as though the music was coming into my ear and healing it.  My ear infection completely cleared up at that time and I was able to cancel my doctor appointment I had scheduled for later in the week. The infection never returned.

Joy, PhD, Author / Psychologist


BACK INJURY/ TRAUMA: 12 year injury spontaneously healed.

I want to thank you and tell you about the healing effects of our vocal toning session.  It enabled me to let go of a physical trauma I had been holding in my body-mind for almost 12 years. I experienced an attention-getting "letting-go" and movement simultaneously in my head and back. I immediately associated the sensation with the old injury and sensed it was leaving.  Although I have had massage relief of this tension before, it was always temporary. I KNOW this to be a permanent change -- quite different.  It is my first awareness of a spontaneous healing. I will use my new found energy to make music.

Wanda T, Musician

BACK PAIN: "Was blown away by the results. My back pain went away during our session."

I was blown away by the results of my session with Suzanne.  I was having back pain on my left side for a month.  During the session with her, my back pain went away and has not come back.  The music she plays wakes me up.  It feels like the cells of my whole body awaken.  It just opens me to what I feel as the glory of God, it's so beautiful, so fresh, so loving and powerful.

Mert Ingvoldstad, Spiritual Career Counselor



Within 15 minutes of hearing you play, I was relieved of all physical pain.

           Dree' L, Social Worker & Counselor


CHRONIC ENVIRONMENTAL ILLNESS: Overcame feelings of helplessness.

Because of my sensitivity with environmental illness (‘EI’) very few methods have worked for me and so many have set me back. However I really respond to the music. My music has been very empowering to me. I listened to the tape constantly at first. It has been very dramatic for me in realizing my own strength and my body’s own ability to heal. I felt empowered psychologically as well as physically by the music, feeling energy surging and building up in my body. The music helped me to get over the feeling of helplessness. I knew that energy is within me and can generate from within me.  I felt like I CAN do this.  For the first time, I have felt a lot more confident and really in charge of my healing.

Sarah  M.



My Portrait music was instrumental in my healing from a serious physical injury.

Anthony T, Sculptor


Over the course of several songs that Suzanne played I began feeling uplifted and free and clear. I could feel the effects the music was having, physically, in my body. It was a direct effect that is remarkable.  The music was palpable as though I could feel it vibrating in places throughout my body.  I underwent a healing that continued for several days. I felt more at ease as though a weight had been lifted off of me.  I have more energy and vitality now and friends have been telling me that my eyes are sparkling again.  

Paul, Computer Consultant

Other Testimonies


I've never known anyone who could connect me with music the way Suzanne does.  She connects people with music – their music. I honestly believe she can tap into our 'higher selves' and play its music. There is a lot of music designed for reflection and relaxation but Personal Music is a much more advanced form, created specifically for each individual. I believe this is the future of music therapy.

Stephen Williamson, Center for Advanced Technology, University of Oregon


I've experienced healing work with people who work with music before and it was nothing like this. There's a whole other dimension here.  What Suzanne does is extremely rare.  I've never felt anything this powerful before. It has deepened my intuition, my center, my faith, my steadiness and helped to quantum leap my life. This work is phenomenal.     

Christine Nelson, Writer


We sometimes meet a person of uncommon understanding who, by revealing a deeper sense of the true self, teaches us something about ourselves and who we really are. Suzanne Grosvenor has exceptional mastery of the piano in several styles yet she makes it clear that technical expertise is not what music is about. She has a higher sense of music than do most people, than do most musicians.  For her, a person doesn't listen to music; a person listens to the self through music.

Dennis Hyatt, PhD, Professor of Law

University of Oregon, Ret.

The music works because you are hearing and feeling who you are. . . getting in touch with the true self and, once you feel that, aberrations and irresolutions are instantly and easily released.

Susan H.

Release and healing can come easily because the limitation we suffer is in our incapacity to see and experience the source and essence of our being. When we experience the source, our soul, we are exposed to our greatest potential. The armoring that has kept people from seeing themselves and the beauty in the world can’t stand hearing their true music and falls away.