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I asked Suzanne two years ago before our first grandson was born if she would be able to create music for him, before birth.  She said, Yes, she could do that.  So the two of us sat down and I listened and she played and it was gorgeous. I listen to his music almost as much as to mine. I love that music, it's just exquisite. I know that a baby in utero understands a lot and hears a lot.  Now we are expecting another grandchild and Suzanne did music for the new baby, too.  The music she made is so precious and pure. I just wanted that sense of God's love coming through to the children, through the music Suzanne does.

Mert Ingvoldstad, Career Counselor

Other Testimonies


I've experienced healing work with people who work with music before and it was nothing like this. There's a whole other dimension here.  What Suzanne does is extremely rare.  I've never felt anything this powerful before. It has deepened my intuition, my center, my faith, my steadiness and helped to quantum leap my life. This work is phenomenal.     

Christine Nelson, Writer


In my session with Suzanne, hurts that I had had in my life for many, many years were healed. The music is so powerful, it opens me up to myself and to the things I need to go through. I had thought I was going to have to do so much to work on my emotional woundedness; for years I'd been trying to work on it.

     Suzanne played a piece of music for me at the end of my session and that piece closed up my wound completely.  It caressed me in love and peace, reassurance and strength and I was able to recognize new strength in myself.  Now, when I listen to that music, I'm enveloped in peace and love and it brings me to a deeper sense of myself.  When I'm going through stress, I listen to the piece and allow it to overcome me.  I'm taken to an intuitive place where I'm filled with happiness and calm. Since that session, I feel nothing can hold me back because the pain from my past is gone!  

Ka'Rin, College Student


My session was a miracle. I had been dealing with prevailing anger and depression for years. I had tried conventional therapy and it did nothing for me. I was discouraged with psychotherapy and antidepressants. I knew my issues so well but could not affect any change or release. I had talked my issues into the ground.  I felt like a dog chasing my tail.

     At my music session I felt safe immediately. It is unusual for me to feel safe, especially with someone I don't know. The music took me places and showed me things. I saw my own inner beauty. Since the session, anger and depression are no longer an issue.  I've felt peaceful ever since. I feel that one session provided me with six months worth of therapy.  I am encouraged to know that something works for me.

Keri, College Student


The music session was not what I'd expected.  I thought it was going to be like therapy where feelings would be brought up to be released. It felt more real than waking reality. I've never experienced anything like that kind of love.  As I opened to receive the love, I felt transformed by it. I went through a huge change in response to the session.

     I used to become angry and upset often but have not felt that since the session (seven months later). I respond to stress with greater calm.  Anger used to be a problem but because of realizations I had during the session it's not been a problem. I think this was the most profound experience I've ever had.

Katharine, Communications Specialist