Change your life ~ with Music.  Your music.                              

I've experienced healing work with people who work with music before and it was nothing like this. There's a whole other dimension to Suzanne's work. What she does is extremely rare. Her work is phenomenal. My work with her has deepened my intuition, my center, my faith, my steadiness and helped to quantum leap my life!

Jan Henrikson

Freelance Writer

Suzanne and her music have been a pivotal point catapulting me in a new direction in my life. In just one session with Suzanne, tremendous shifts happened for me and my world. Changes in my life accelerated very fast, one leading to another.  I found a deeper understanding.  My family members have also benefitted from Suzanne's Sound Portrait work.  I find her work to be highly beneficial and valuable.

Pan Liang Ho, MA

Music Teacher, Composer, Waldorf Graduate, Sounds and Silence

Suzanne's abilities to listen, interpret my deepest needs, hear the callings of my soul, then spontaneously compose and record my own personal music portrait were amazing. This transformational process with her healed trauma and provided me with greater strength, confidence and spiritual connection.  I highly recommend Suzanne's sound portraits and coaching as a beautiful way to transform challenges and darkness into beauty, light, peace and love.

Bobbe Taber, Ma, HHC, BHT, ITE

Recovery Educator at Recovery Innovations of Arizona

Suzanne's music makes connections with subtle dimensions of consciousness and awakens the soul to its true beingness.

Fred Martin, PhD


We sometimes meet a person of uncommon understanding who, by revealing a deeper sense of the true self, teaches us something about ourselves and who we really are. Suzanne Grosvenor has exceptional mastery of the piano in several styles yet she makes it clear that technical expertise is not what music is about. She has a higher sense of music than do most people, than do most musicians.  For her, a person doesn't listen to music; a person listens to the self through music.

Dennis Hyatt, PhD,

Professor of Law, University of Oregon, Ret.

As a result of insights gained during my session with Suzanne I have facilitated important communications with family members and drawn closer to remembering and understanding the impact of events in my life.  I have felt a deeper appreciation and understanding of the nature of my unique gifts. I was deeply impressed with the quality of the music, on its own, in addition to feeling that it touched and expressed deep inner parts of me. It had the effect of opening and freeing parts of me.  

Steve Franklin, MSW, LCSW,


I find Suzanne's music powerful and effective for boosting my creativity and self understanding.  Her work is good also for stress reduction.  I've referred a number of my clients to Suzanne, and find that her music and verbal interpretation catapult them, too, with a renewed sense of their life purpose.

Mert Ingvoldstad

Owner, M.I. Career Counseling Associates

Suzanne has a finely tuned ability to comprehend people's uniqueness and life process, a gift for empowering others with renewed sense of purpose and perspective. She brings people into a deeper sense of their unique self. Her work reflected back to me who I am with skillful accuracy and helped me in realizing the rhyme and reason in my life.

Michael Caruso

Life Coach

Suzanne Grosvenor pours her very spirit into serving people through her transformational music gifts and intentions. The music therapy she provides was nothing short of miraculous for me. I credit her gifts to my own awakening. I highly recommend Suzanne's work. If traditional methods aren't working for you, I suggest getting a personal session with Suzanne.

Allen Smith

Rainbow Didge Music

There is an uplifting and healing quality about Suzanne's music that transcends day-to-day reality that inspired me to dive even more deeply into my spiritual path. The healing is unspreakably profound. Suzanne's music transports me to an inner realm of vision and knowing.  I  discover aspects of my self yet uncovered.   Suzanne's event shook the stuck-ness in my life and helped to move me to a more authentic place.

Leslee Morrison, Teacher, Author

Intuitive Healer with Heart Mission

As a gifted pianist, Suzanne has created a public setting in which intuitive spiritual feelings can be discerned by those in her audience. I believe she has an important therapeutic art form to share with people.

Rev. S. Bryan


A big part of what makes her work effective is Suzanne -- who she is and how she works. She has developed that part of herself that is highly intuitive.

Leigh Files, Founder

Northwest Institute for the Creative Arts Therapies

Suzanne Grosvenor

Therapeutic Music Life Coach and Teacher since 1985


There is a lot of music designed for reflection and relaxation but Personal Music is a much more advanced form, created specifically for each individual. I believe this is the future of music therapy.

I've never known anyone who could connect me with music the way Suzanne does.  She connects people with music. Their music. I honestly believe she can tap into our 'higher selves' and play its music.

Stephen Williamson

Former Pres. of IBAR Institute for Bio-Acoustic Research

Center for Advanced Technology, U. of Oregon