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Healing Stories; Kids and Pets

MALAMUTE DOG: "Our dog had taken to some anxious behavior...But when Suzanne played for her..."

Personal Music is not limited to human vibrations. All things—nature and all beings—vibrate with the universal sound.  A couple brought their malamute dog to me for a music session, concerned that something was troubling her.  Their canine friend had taken to some anxious behavior of chewing the furniture and they felt it was out of character.  They asked me to play the music I heard for their precious friend.  Her music revealed such passion, dignity and high level intelligence that even we were amazed.  Her vibrations conveyed that she was far more than what we might imagined a dog could be.

     A by-product of the session was the emergence of a new name.  As I played the malamute's music she communicated to me that she was not happy with the name by which they had been calling her.  She communicated that it did not reflect the dignity of her spirit and intelligence.  Marilyn and Thomas immediately began addressing their friend as Ogallalah, a name she communicated to me as a preferred name, and she responded enthusiastically to it.

Following the session with Ogallalah, Marilyn and Tohmas were amazed to see their malamute become happier and healthier than she’d been in a long time, her demeanor peaceful and content. The couple later published a book about their beloved Ogallalah.  A note was delivered to my door, unsolicited, a testimony of Ogallalah's renewal. I felt privileged and honored to play the music of Ogallalah, a wonderful and blessed canine friend.

"The dog who lives with us is a wilder breed, a malamute who dislikes being away from us, even for a minute. She had taken to some anxious behavior of chewing the furniture when we would leave her alone. Because we honor her spirit and wanted to hear her input, we went to Suzanne who played the music of her being. It was exquisite and totally beyond words. Ogallalah asked for and received a new name. This allowed her to express herself fully. Her anxious behavior immediately cleared up and she has not chewed the furniture since. But what is more important to us is that her entire being was acknowledged and blessed and it was immediate! Suzanne's music spoke directly to Ogallalah’s soul, and ours...We are expanded and grateful.  Suzanne and her music is one of the most wondrous miracles we know."

Marilyn and Tohmas

The story of Ogallalah de Oro


Suzanne and her music are one of the most wondrous miracles we know.

Marilyn & Tohmas

Release and healing can come easily because the limitation we suffer is in our incapacity to see and experience the source and essence of our being. The armoring that has kept people from seeing themselves and the beauty in the world can’t stand hearing their true music and falls away.